Marvel Cinematic Universe (2019): Created a data visualization website about Marvel superhero movies, ranked 1st project in Data Visualization class. Implemented with d3.js, jQuery, HTML, CSS.

Spotify song genre predictor and song recommendation (2018): Trained multiple statistical models (random forest, boosting, MLP, k-NN, LDA, QDA, etc.) with Python, selected as one of the most impressive projects from Data Science course. Website made with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Faithbook (2019): Created a bible study social media website that enables real-time data visualization of bible and user comment sentiment analysis and user activity. Implemented with React.js, Node.js, d3.js, PostgreSQL, and deployed through Heroku.

SilverLining (2018): Created an anonymous and supportive social media website for sharing sad posts. Implemented with Python Django, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, and deployed through Heroku.


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